Friday, 21 April 2017

How if anything doesn't exist

I asked my self how does the universe start to exist and what the first of all events was. Onxe I realized that time is just one dimension of many. My understanding of time is that one thing happens after another. Physics tells that time and cause are just purely concept of our minds. We happen to live in a universe with physical law that alloww conciousness to exist and travel along the dimensional "line". We are just seing one moment after the other. In fact, the history of our universe is just exist, it goes infinitely into the future and past. There would no first or last, it is actually like written in a book athat has never be written. We are reading it but how you read it or where you start depend on who is reading it. There laid many mystery tales among the sky and the star that seem have no ending. 
And so, the real question is not why anything exists. But how if anything doesn't exist.  

P.s. Im in love with the mystery about the universe, yet sometimes Im afraid of the night sky:/

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