Monday, 3 April 2017

Pointless Post

I read some dramione fanfics these days and i think im obsessed. its been one of my fav otp #perksofbeingmultifandom. I actually have lot of things to do about my school stuff, well yea national exam ahead, its less than a week but i still treat my self like exam wouldn't come lmao. I was reading my biology literature when suddenly sleepyness hit my brain hardly. I laid on my bed then, for my sleepy's sake. But apparently my brain couldn't sleep. Bcs u know, the draco malfoy keep spinning on my head lollll. I'v often lost some of my ideas to write due to my inadequate ability to wrap neatly a story or writing, so i just desperately let them running out my brain without write them down. Suddenly i felt like someone hit me on the face with dramione ideas, so here we go. Im gonna write them down.  Though, it wasn't an epic one fanfic but it would be my very first fanfiction i ever made. Gonna slay fanfic world lmao. Well, not really. Im sorry if my writing wasn't as good as JK Rowling but i do hope you guys will enjoy it. Check them out on my next post!

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