Sunday, 17 December 2017

Hey, it's me, Rocket.

I woke up earlier that day. First day of spring break. I was on my way running and jogging around. I opened the door and I stepped on something, kind of paper(?) I was not sure. I picked up that thing, a letter, apparently. Someone has put in under my dorm door. I have no idea who's that from. I took it, my hands shaking. I stepped back, brought it on to my desk.  A letter sealed neatly with no name on the envelope and no receiver name on it. I started open the letter slowly, so I wont disturb my roomate, my best friend, who's still asleep. I began read the letter which clearly from Mr/Mrs/Ms Anonymous and delivered for me(?) Well I wasnt really read the letter. At first I saw rocket, aurora borealis, celestial, and other astronomy-ish words. The handwriting wasn't so good to be honest yet still neat and read-able(?) This might a random letter about astronomy phenomenon, I thought, since few days ago was a solar eclipse, which was amazing. Here is what the letter says:

"Hey Venus! It's me, Rocket. How are you? Hope you are good. Wonder if I might scared you bc of this odd letter. I just wanna say thank you, for all your support you've given to me. Well, not only me I guess, since you are very kind, nice, and generous to all earthlingers:) it's a pleasure to meet you, a beautiful young woman just like aurora borealis, a rare one with only goodness inside. Im off tomorrow, to my dream place, on my way chasing my greatest desire. Become the first human being to stay in next door planet for awhile, it's not so far away, we're still on the same galaxy, don't worry about me, I'll be okay. Everything's gonna be alright, I promise. I'll send you how's earth actually looks alike from here, must be beautiful. I'll always watch you anyway, just look above you, I'll be right there, on your south side sky from your dorm window. I'll be there, above the sky, well on the same sky:) good, Venus. I'll be back soon and I hope to see you on earth. 


My cheeks wet, right after I finished read the letter. He said he's my rocket. I couldn't speak. His words was so sincere. I felt like something hit my chest. I barely breath. All I could say is good bye Rocket, Im gonna be okay, don't worry about me. I hope to see you here. I whispered. I sobbed. I wiped my tears with my hands shaking. Worried I couldn't see him again. But I do believe we will meet again, he has made his promise.
See you, Rocket.

Thursday, 21 September 2017

boredom story of no-school day #1

hi! it's been a long day since my last post back then when I was on my short vacay in Jakarta. Okay today Im going to write story of my boredom during my last 3 months of having nothing to do lmao (I mean school and stuff) oh man... I really am miss high school so much (do you guys think I should write more post about high school story?) well a week ago I just applied to join MUN (Model United Nation) due to my have-nothing-to-do routine. So I was about applying MUN. and I got my result on September 18th, well actually I supposed to receive email of announcement on September 15th, they said they have to delay the announcement because there were so many people who applied. Here is my result

Im happy at the beginning but apparently it costs 400 usd hahahaha:( okay, that's not the point, here is my point. Im happy because somehow join an International conference and gather with youth all around the world is my dream since I was a kid. I think it will be my very first experience to join MUN ofc after I paid the fee haha. anyway those conference will be held on November 2017 in Malaysia. InshaaAllah. and how it's feel for being accepted after going through my time when I got slots of rejected for things that I applied? well I almost forget how's the feeling of being accepted before this one. as you know, I made lot of failure this year and I sometimes keep blaming my self for failure that I have made. as I remembered the day when I almost reach my lowest point of life, hopelessness, depressed, and desperateness. there's always a way to finish it.
at this moment Im grateful and will be forever grateful for anything that I have. I glad to have friends who always stand by my side and support me as well through my up and down. thank you guys!
those word "congratulation" mean a lot for me just now, because it seems long ago I received such a nice announcement of event that I applied. hmm actually I applied another International conference last august, and guess what my result is?! obviously I failed:)
hahaha indeed I got slots of failure, none is capable of avoiding failure and mistake and so do I.

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Build (again) the wall

When a night falls on my head
And the sky become darker
Feeling sad because the wall is gone
when the stars come out to play
That's when Im crying
I saw myself jumping out the cliff
Watching how much I lost
I tried to sleep under fear
with only my hand as my pillow
And the dark sky as my sheet
I kept telling myself and my mind it's okay
We are not that lose
We can build (again) the wall
As the rain washed away my tears
that cold June night
I stop crying
Yet I still think about the gone wall
I keep telling my self (again)
It'll be ok (eventually)
Ok then I said to my self
I promise I'll build my own wall
And turn on the light
Very soon

ps. this poem is dedicated to my slots of failure I made this year ahaha

Friday, 14 July 2017

Morning chit chat between a dad and his daughter

Background and location: On one shining morning in the edge of a town, not so far away from the market, a girl sat down in the kitchen with her dad while her mum still busy cooking and prepare breakfast. Dad was enjoying his coffee. His daughter sat on his lap anyway. Daughter drank a cup of tea (sweet tea; for detail). 
"Dad may I ask you something?" She said as she drank her tea
Then her dad answer; "ask away my sweetie, ask away."
"What is 'real world', dad? Is it different from mine? Why do I don't know if there's an other world out there, maybe? Is it nice to live in real world, dad? Does other people know it already, dad, or is it just me who have no idea about the real world?"
"Oh sweetie, such a hard question to answer." Her dad said
"So neither of us know about the real world? i guess." The little girl (about 7 years old) said as she approach her mum that handed her a full plate of toast. 
"Well, my dear. Real world is just same as our, dear, the earth. It's always nice regardless where we live or who we are, as long as we can enjoy our life, no matter where we live, we could always be happy as well. Listen, sweetie, sometimes things are hard and far away from our expectation and sometimes thing disapoint us. That's life, my dear. Maybe you can relate it when you are older or above 17 I guess, but it's okay to learn about life earlier *smile*. There will come a moment when you feel sad, fail, afraid, fall, and many more things that lead us to giving up in any way. The key is always find a new hope and dream, sweetie, never ever giving up! no matter how hard your life is. Indeed, life is hard basically. But we have to face it, struggle, keep trying, and one more thing, live your life and be grateful." Her dad said
"My dear, people has their own challenge. So, if you have difficulties on your way, don't worry, there's people who might facing harder challenge. Good luck honey!" Her dad said

P.S not so interesting post I guess:(

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

My name is dream

Hey kid!
Where will you go? They  asked
Somewhere. She said
I beg your pardon, kid.
Somewhere far away from here
Hey kid!
Where are you going? They asked
Sky. She said
Im sorry?
Above the sky
Are you sure? They asked
Yes, I am. She said
Are you okay? They asked
No, Im not. She said
What's your name anyway, kid? They asked
My name is dream. She said

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

I fear 'fear'. She said

I look outside through a window from the coffee shop in the very heart of my town. The moonlight keep that night fully awake. And it was in the middle of May as I remember. That place is pleasant for me, I could hide from the bustling and let my mind take a deep joy breath. I brought my book that day as usual. My favourite is cappucino anyway but Im fancy white coffee lately. I used to steal drink my dad's coffee before breakfast (typical unhealthy kid) . After few hours I enjoyed my coffee and almost finish 4 chapters of my book, a girl staring into a chair in front of me. I gave her a little smile and she kinda approached me and sat on an empty chair ahead me. "Mind if I accompany you enjoy your coffee, not really tho. I mean sit down here. I couldn't find anywhere else to sit. Everywhere is full." She said as I stared at her. "That's ok, no wonder it's saturday night haha." I said

We didn't talk to much, just like what she said, just accompany me to enjoy my coffee. It's felt weird to drink coffee with a stranger who sat right in front of you without saying any word. So I decided to ask her random questions that appear on my head and we were about laughing together. All of sudden she asked me such a question but her explanation about her own question is beyond good. Well, she asked me "things I fear the most". And I was like why on earth she asked me that stuff.
"Er... shall I answer your question? Well umm, Im afraid of serpent thing, and err... crazy people, and maybe being lost in outer space." I said as I turn my book page.
"So you are afraid of snake? Hahaha." She kinda laughing at me with her funny and clean face (no pimples at all wow)
"well, kind of *chuckle* And how about you anyway?" I said.
"I fear 'fear'." She said.

It sounds weird at the beginning, but then she told me how fear could be worse than anything else and the thing that actually fear us is fear it self.
Well that's make sense I thought.

P.S after I reread that story above, I do feel it's a bit confusing, but whatever HAHAHA *evil face*

Saturday, 3 June 2017

Chapter eleven: The Sorting Hat's New Song

The whole school waited with bated breath. Then the rip near the hat's brim opened wide like a mouth and the Sorting Hat burst into song:

In times of old when I was new

And Hogwarts barely started

The founders of our noble school

Thought never to be parted:

United by a common goal,

They had the selfsame yearning,

To make the world's best magic school

And pass along their learning.

'Together we will build and teach!'

The four good friends decided

And never did they dream that they

Might some day be divided,

For were there such friends anywhere

As Slytherin and Gryffindor?

Unless it was the second pair

Of Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw?

So how could it have gone so wrong?

How could such friendships fail?

Why, I was there and so can tell

The whole sad, sorry tale.

Said Slytherin, 'We'll teach just those

Whose ancestry is purest.'

Said Ravenclaw, 'We'll teach those whose

Intelligence is surest. '

Said Gryffindor, 'We'll teach all those

With brave deeds to their name, '

Said Hufflepuff, 'I'll teach the lot,

And treat them just the same. '

These differences caused little strife

When first they came to light,

For each of the four founders had

A house in which they might

Take only those they wanted, so,

For instance, Slytherin

Took only pure-blood wizards

Of great cunning, just like him,

And only those of sharpest mind

Were taught by Ravenclaw

While the bravest and the boldest

Went to daring Gryffindor.

Good Hufflepuff, she took the rest,

And taught them all she knew,

Thus the houses and their founders

Retained friendships firm and true.

So Hogwarts worked in harmony

For several happy years,

But then discord crept among us

Feeding on our faults and fears.

The houses that, like pillars four,

Had once held up our school,

Now turned upon each other and,

Divided, sought to rule.

And for a while it seemed the school

Must meet an early end,

What with duelling and with fighting

And the clash of friend on friend

And at last there came c morning

When old Slytherin departed

And though the fighting then died out

He left us quite downhearted.

And never since the founders four

Were whittled down to three

Have the houses been united

As they once were meant to be.

And now the Sorting Hat is here

And you all know the score:

I sort you into houses

Because that is what I'm for,

But this year I'll go further,

Listen closely to my song:

Though condemned I am to split you

Still I worry that it's wrong,

Though I must fulfil my duty

And must quarter every year

Still I wonder whether Sorting

May not bring the end I fear.

Oh, know the perils, read the signs,

The warning history shows,

For our Hogwarts is in danger

From external, deadly foes

And we must unite inside her

Or we'll crumble from within

I have told you, I have warned you ...

Let the Sorting now begin.

The Hat became motionless once more; applause broke out...

P.S which book is it? Your guess:p *chuckle* Potterhead can probably relate