Thursday, 5 September 2019

Cycling around with a half dozen of kids:)

Today I did my little-workout routine by cycling around and it was'nt in the morning but around 4.30 pm. So in case u re wondering what I do during this two-months of holiday, yep #cycling is one of my new routine. This past few weeks I've been trying so hard to fix my habits, cause u know holiday makes me lazy as h€€£:( eat-sleep repeat hehe:( but I swear to God it wasn't all that bad:( cuz I also participated in some events in the neighborhood (probably I should make a post about this too, so I can claim that I am not a hardcore ansos HAHAHAHA #JK bc Im that shy, quiet, awkward, and weird xD wkwkw also my mama would go mad if I don't socialize with the society:))) so yea Im trying to make some contributions to the society hehe. Ok sure Im gonna write my experience in getting to know "the society" and what kind of events I participated during this holiday in the next post cuz why not????? Wkwkw

Ok back to the story, I was cycling around and I wasn't alone like usual cuz today I got some new companions haha. So, on my way about 700 meters cycling from my home I saw a half dozen kids who were playing on their bike and just talking to each other and indeed they were all look so happy and innocent. omggg I miss my childhood!! being a kid and chill:")
As I pull my bike and get close to them, they noticed me and shouting at me "MBA EROOO!!!" 100x XD 
and I was like *what's happening??!!* "haloo hehe" *put my nicest face on*. 
They asked me where Im going, and I told them Im about to sepedaan.
And then they were all following me HAHAHA. In case ure asking they re my neighboors

Usually it just took me 30 minutes ride to finish the route but today it took more than an hour cuz I gotta adjust my speed with the kids. We cycled together, they talked, laugh, and argued over silly things xD well mostly I just listened and laugh over their jokes. I feel like I wanna take as many pics but didn't take any cus I didn't bring my phone T_T and it happened very often, when Im not bringing my phone, the universe always offers me something beautiful like today. Beautiful sky, view, and a half dozen of pure human were following me and cheering me up huhuhu I can not. My heart just couldnt handle such pure and beautiful soul. I love kidzzz:((((

And oh they were Jojo, Yoga, Faro, Gilang, Bayu, and Lana. Actually I didn't know all of their name at the beginning but I tried to remember each and one of them cuz they are all my brother's friends????? I got all their name but there's this kid that i don't know his name, help! Then I asked, it turned out he's Bayu, yaAllah ternyata cm tetangga belakang rumah hahaha sorry:( they are all 7 or 8 yo kiddos i think. Masi polos dan tidak berdosa:(

We ride our bike and in the middle of the road, we saw a kid struggling to fix his bike, it was broken, Its chain was off and locked on the iron ring of the tire or whatsoever I dont know how to call it xD. Then we stopped and helped that kid to fix his bike. I mean the kids helped that kid *im excluded* bc I was just watched and learned:))) As they fixed the bike together the kids chatted with that kid like they had known each other #mashaAllah.
At first they were not sure whether they can make it because it was kinda difficult to pull the chain out of the iron ring. It was stuck. But in the end they did it. And they were all shouting "ALHAMDULILLAH" and smiled. Kids are kind hearted and humble and pure and cute huhu my heart♡

-This is the most interesting part- as the bike got fixed, the kid that we helped just cycled his bike and ran without say a thank:))) well maybe he was shy hehe like me:) so the kids were like exchanging look *angry look*why didn't he say thanks?????* and they were just lauging HAHAHAHA like *what just happened*
"It's okay guys if he doesn't thank us for what we did. As long as we did it sincerely. Also it was just one tiny favor:)" Gilang said. And I was like ????????? SPEECHLESS!!!!
"Yeah ure right"
"Let's go and just forget it:)"

Then we continue our route and we parted and went home. Alhamdulillah what a lovely evening. Got so much thing to learn and that's my story for today:)

Monday, 15 July 2019

hi there! it's me, again with my consistence of inconsistent post hehe, hope you don't mind:) and what time is it by the way??? yep 2 am in the morning and I can't sleep, WHY???!! how can I suppose to get well night-sleep while I already got enough sleep in the noon??? you know what I mean? yeah finals' over and it's holiday and indeed my life-routine cycle is changing. sleep at noon and awake all nights. and here I am writing idk-what-im-gonna-write while eating indomie. also Im re-reading pride and prejudice, God I miss fictions already haha you know, it's been a while since I read any unrelated-lecture books cuz i was busy doing my job as a student and didn't get any chance to buy some time to read non non-fiction books. alhamdulillah now Im having all day all night just to read any books that I want.
and tomorrow I mean today (since today is monday already) Im getting farewell party with my classmates cuz next semester we're not gonna be in the same class anymore:( and what's that mean? hehe time to move on and start over. but there's still chance to be in the same class with some of them. gonna miss u guys!