Monday, 11 February 2019

comeback-post greeting

today is brand new
not perfect but new
look around and take it in
let it mean something to you
for there will always voices
that linger from yesterday
but you did not have to listen to them
you have grown, you have changed
wrapped in endless,boundless grace, 
is still brand new
look around and take it in,
let it mean something to you (Morgan Harper Nichols)

This is gonna be the first post of 2019 and how are you guys? so maybe I'll just write anything I can think of right now haha. and I hope you re all just doing well. it has been months since I posted something here. well yeah I was kinda on my hiatus mode haha. I was so busy #halah with my typical campus-life routine and I lacked of track in doing time-management. so yeah I was mostly just  going to campus (basically like typical college student lol), study, read, sleep, eat, and repeat. nothing special. and I started to recall my long-lost forgotten french skill plus my friend and I are planning to do some collabs in business. hope I can manage to do all of this endless list. inshaAllah. May Allah make it all easy. and im planning on adding more list on my not-so new year resolution???? I am that kind of person who like to write things down, making list, and set goals haha alhamdulillah. in this new semester I hope I can do better, inshaAllah, well Im workin on it. wish me luck:)
Today was the first day of new semester, and it was good to see my friends after such a full 3-weeks of holiday. and today people brought their local foods and it taste good! mashaAllah.
and oh can't believe it's February already. where time GOES??!! and how much time I've wasted???? astaghfirullah May Allah save and guide me. speaking of TIME and how fast it goes, I remember last year when I was struggling a lot pursue something I wanted the most (that time) haha desclaimer: Im that idealistic. but now I know, time also can be that surprising (and depressing sometime???) though i am not where I thought I'd be, Im pretty sure it will lead me toward something beautiful. inshaAllah.
a lot had happened last year and I am grateful upon everything; opportunity, lesson, friends, family, basically anything that has happened to me. alhamdulillah.

Saturday, 20 October 2018

01. 01 am in my study space

Tick tock tick tock... I can feel the clock ticking as the time passes by, leaving me alone with my unfinished-works and thoughts. I stare at the mirror hanging on the wall on my right side, it reflects shadow of the things in my room. I probably didn't do any crucial work today but I do something that makes my soul content and happy. Paint something blurry and abstract on my white drawing-book, make some hand-craft, write something I wish would come in the years ahead. I again feel more content by staying alone in my study space in the corner of my room. In front of me a used starbucks-cup that I made as a my-stuff (stationery and dirty brushes) case, reminds me of the hot black-coffee I drank in the very hot mid-day few days ago. I like to drink coffee. I do. But not the black one. Well something is changing, but change is good. Isn't?

Tick tock tick tock.... i can hear the ticking of my watch i wear on my left wrist. On the wooden desk with scattered stuff of mine, im thinking too deep. Deep enough to drown me along. Alone. Im drowning inside a paradise of solitude, with my thought as my loyal companion. I am free as bird when I am alone. Together with my thought Im swimming in the depth of ocean. Thinking about all the bless the universe has given to me. It is almost 2 in the morning. I am too happy and blessed to close my eyes besides I took a long nap in the noon today. In this solitude night, Im thinking and keep thinking about everything. All that I've been through and all that yet to come. This thought does not burden me. At all. Instead, it reminds me of all the bless the universe has given to me.