Friday, 14 July 2017

Morning chit chat between a dad and his daughter

Background and location: On one shining morning in the edge of a town, not so far away from the market, a girl sat down in the kitchen with her dad while her mum still busy cooking and prepare breakfast. Dad was enjoying his coffee. His daughter sat on his lap anyway. Daughter drank a cup of tea (sweet tea; for detail). 
"Dad may I ask you something?" She said as she drank her tea
Then her dad answer; "ask away my sweetie, ask away."
"What is 'real world', dad? Is it different from mine? Why do I don't know if there's an other world out there, maybe? Is it nice to live in real world, dad? Does other people know it already, dad, or is it just me who have no idea about the real world?"
"Oh sweetie, such a hard question to answer." Her dad said
"So neither of us know about the real world? i guess." The little girl (about 7 years old) said as she approach her mum that handed her a full plate of toast. 
"Well, my dear. Real world is just same as our, dear, the earth. It's always nice regardless where we live or who we are, as long as we can enjoy our life, no matter where we live, we could always be happy as well. Listen, sweetie, sometimes things are hard and far away from our expectation and sometimes thing disapoint us. That's life, my dear. Maybe you can relate it when you are older or above 17 I guess, but it's okay to learn about life earlier *smile*. There will come a moment when you feel sad, fail, afraid, fall, and many more things that lead us to giving up in any way. The key is always find a new hope and dream, sweetie, never ever giving up! no matter how hard your life is. Indeed, life is hard basically. But we have to face it, struggle, keep trying, and one more thing, live your life and be grateful." Her dad said
"My dear, people has their own challenge. So, if you have difficulties on your way, don't worry, there's people who might facing harder challenge. Good luck honey!" Her dad said

P.S not so interesting post I guess:(

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