Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Build (again) the wall

When a night falls on my head
And the sky become darker
Feeling sad because the wall is gone
when the stars come out to play
That's when Im crying
I saw myself jumping out the cliff
Watching how much I lost
I tried to sleep under fear
with only my hand as my pillow
And the dark sky as my sheet
I kept telling myself and my mind it's okay
We are not that lose
We can build (again) the wall
As the rain washed away my tears
that cold June night
I stop crying
Yet I still think about the gone wall
I keep telling my self (again)
It'll be ok (eventually)
Ok then I said to my self
I promise I'll build my own wall
And turn on the light
Very soon

ps. this poem is dedicated to my slots of failure I made this year ahaha

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